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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Microsoft OneDrive

Support for Microsoft OneDrive is scheduled for version 6.0. This will enable to connect to

  • OneDrive Personal (Drive)
  • OneDrive for Business (Drive)
  • SharePoint Online (Document Library)


OneDrive uses OAuth 2 for authentication with When opening a connection, a web browser window is opened to grant access to OneDrive for Cyberduck.

Copy the authorization code into the login prompt in Cyberduck to complete authentication. Subsequent connections will not require authorization.

OneDrive Personal

This connection profile is bundled by default and connects to the endpoint Login with your personal account to when prompted to grant access to Cyberduck.

OneDrive Business

This connection profile connects to the endpoint Login with your business account to when prompted to grant access to Cyberduck.

SharePoint Online

  • Download the Microsoft OneDrive Business profile.
  • Use the OneDrive Business profile and login with your * account to to connect to your SharePoint document library.
  • Use the OneDrive Personal profile to connect to your own personal drive on SharePoint Online.

You can search recursively for files fast without browsing folders first.


There are some limitations that you should keep in mind while working with.

  • OneNote notebooks are currently not displayed due to them not being real file entities in OneDrive.

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