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Cyberduck Help / Howto / OVH Public Cloud Storage

With the OVH Object Storage cloud solution, you only pay for what you use with no limitation when it comes to size and duration. Thanks to the OpenStack Swift technology, you can store your high-performance data in the OVH cloud environment and instantly access it at any time. This solution is perfect for web projects and can be used to make your objects available through HTTP.

See also HubiC (OVH).

Connection Configuration

OVH Public Cloud Storage is using OpenStack Swift APIs for its storage service.

You will need to create a new user in the OVH manager in Cloud → Servers → Project → OpenStack. Choose Download OpenStack configuration file ( and open it in a text editor. Copy the values OS_TENANT_ID:OS_USERNAME for the username from the file.

  • Server:
  • Port: 443
  • Password: Password. You will find the password in the user list in Project → OpenStack.

Connection Profile



You can choose the region when creating a new container with File → New Folder….

CLI Usage

To use connection profile must be installed to connect with following parameters using Cyberduck CLI.

duck --username OS_TENANT_ID:OS_USERNAME --password PROJECT_USER_PASSWORD --region BHS3 --list ovh://CONTAINERNAME

Alternatively, connect with the default connection profile by setting the authentication hostname with

duck --username OS_TENANT_ID:OS_USERNAME --password PROJECT_USER_PASSWORD --region BHS3 --list swift://


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