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Cyberduck Help / Howto / Preferences

In general, user adjustable preferences are discussed in the context of the topic in all wiki pages.

Hidden configuration options

There are some settings which aren't yet available in the Preferences either because they are not considered stable yet or not of general interest. To enable one of these features:

  • On a Mac, type the commands in a window and restart Cyberduck.
  • Setting hidden preferences is not currently supported on Windows.

Don't save bookmarks

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck false

Don't change document icon to Cyberduck icon while downloading

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck false

Disable Bonjour support

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck rendezvous.enable false

Add to Keychain unchecked by default in login prompt

Do not add password to Keychain upon successful login.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck connection.login.addKeychain false

Do not quarantine downloaded files

Do not write quarantine attribute to downloaded files. Use this if the Are you sure you want to open it? dialogue bugs you too often.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck false

Do not read favicon.ico from Web URL

Displayed in the bookmark edit window.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck false

Adjust the browser font size

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck browser.font.size 18

Duplicate filename format

Define a different format using

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck browser.duplicate.format "{0} ({1}){2}"

where the placeholders will be replaced with

  • {0} with the base filename
  • {1} with the timestamp of the file
  • {2} with the extension in the format .extension if present in the original filename.

Open bookmark view after disconnecting

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck browser.disconnect.showBookmarks true

Prefer IPv6 adresses of DNS lookups

Refer to #2539.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck connection.dns.ipv6 true

Bandwidth throttle options

Refer to #1746. Edit the available options (in bytes).

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck queue.bandwidth.options 102400,1073741824

Badge dock icon

Add a badge with the number of currently running transfers to the dock icon.

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck queue.dock.badge true

Directory listing options (FTP)

Various options are available to adjust the usage of different directory listing commands (LIST, STAT and MLSD) for FTP. Refer to the Listing directories fails or shows no content (FTP).

Disable Growl notifications

To disable all or particular notifications, open System Preferences → Growl → Applications → Cyberduck and choose Configure... → Notifications.

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