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    3030You must give ''Other'' read permissions for your objects in ''File → Info → Permissions'' to make them accessible using a regular web browser for everyone.
    32 === CloudFront Distribution ===
     32=== Distribution (CDN) ===
    34 You can enable cloud front distribution using ''File → Info → Distribution''. You must [ signup] for Amazon CloudFront first. Make sure your objects in the bucket you want to enable distribution for are world readable (in ''File → Info → Permissions'' ''Other'' must have the ''Read'' checkbox toggled on). See also [ this blog entry].
    36  * Multiple CNAMEs for CloudFront distribution
    37 Using ''File → Info → Distribution'' you can enter multiple CNAMEs for your bucket distribution. The hostnames must be space delimited.
     34Refer to Amazon [wiki:help/en/howto/cloudfront CloudFront] distribution.
    3936=== Signed URLs ===
    6966''An Amazon S3 bucket can be configured to create access log records for the requests made against it. An access log record contains details about the request such as the request type, the resource with which the request worked, and the time and date that the request was processed. Server access logs are useful for many applications, because they give bucket owners insight into the nature of requests made by clients not under their control. 'There is no extra charge for enabling the server access logging feature on an Amazon S3 bucket, however any log files the system delivers to you will accrue the usual charges for storage (you can delete the log files at any time). No data transfer charges will be assessed for log file delivery, but access to the delivered log files is charged for data transfer in the usual way.''
    71 === CloudFront Access Logging ===
    73 When this option is enabled in the ''File →  Info'' panel of a bucket or any file within, the access logs of the enabled distribution are written to `<bucketname>/logs`. The changes to your distribution's logging configuration take effect within 12 hours.
    75 Citing the Amazon CloudFront [ documentation]: ''Access logs are activity records that show you details about every request delivered through Amazon CloudFront. They contain a comprehensive set of information about requests for your content, including the object requested, the date and time of the request, the edge location serving the request, the client IP address, the referrer and the user agent. Access logging is an optional feature of CloudFront. There is no extra charge for enabling access logging. However, you accrue the usual Amazon S3 charges for storing and accessing the files (you can delete them at any time). With CloudFront logging (unlike with Amazon S3 server access logging), you also accrue Amazon S3 data transfer charges for each log file that CloudFront writes to your bucket.
    76 ''
    7868=== BitTorrent Distribution ===