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Cyberduck Help / Howto / File Transfers

Resume and Reload

Resume will try to finish a transfer previously interrupted. Note: Some servers may not support resumable transfers and the file will be reloaded instead.


You can interrupt a transfer using the Stop toolbar button.

Open downloaded files

Use the Open toolbar button to open a downloaded file or folder.A warning might be displayed before opening the file. See the download quarantine.

Show downloaded files

Using the Show in Finder toolbar button, files are shown in


Limit the maximum bandwidth that is allowed for transfers. Useful when you don't want transfers to take all the bandwidth available on your internet connection that would slow down other connections. Use the drop down menu in the lower right of the transfer window to set the maximum bandwidth allowed by the selected transfer. The default setting is configurable in the Preferences.

Number of concurrent transfers

The maximum allowed concurrent transfers can be limited using the toggle in the lower right of the transfer window.


Transfers → Browser connection for file transfers

If your server only allows one single connection to be opened for a given user, you'll have to transfer files using the browser connection. This will cause you to stop browsing files and folders while the transfer is in progress. You can choose to Use the browser connection or to a Open a new connection for file transfers in the bookmark setting. The default setting is configurable in the Transfers tab of Preferences.

Transfers → Filter

Files and folders matching the regular expression in Preferences → Preferences → Advanced will be excluded. Standard PERL regular expressions are used, see Google for more help. The most important qualifiers are:

.	Any character
\d	A digit: [0-9]
\D	A non-digit: [^0-9]
\s	A whitespace character: [ \t\n\x0B\f\r]
\S	A non-whitespace character: [^\s]
\w	A word character: [a-zA-Z_0-9]
\W	A non-word character: [^\w]
XY 	X followed by Y
X|Y	Either X or Y
X? 	X, once or not at all
X*	X, zero or more times
X+	X, one or more times

The default pattern excludes metadata files from common revision control software.


Transfers → General → Transfer Files

Files can be transfered using either the connection from the browser or by opening a new dedicated transfer connection. Using the setting Open new connection will add files to be transferred to the Transfer Window and open a new connection to the server to initiate the transfer. The option Use browser connection will transfer files using the connection from the browser. The file transfer is only reported at the bottom of the browser window without any detailed progress indicator. The transferred files will not get added to the Transfer Window. This setting is a also available per bookmark.

Transfers → Permissions

The setting for permissions apply when connected to a UNIX host using FTP or SFTP.

Transfers → Timestamps

Preserve timestamps when uploading or downloading files. For synchronization to work, these options must be enabled.

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